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Macro-Minerals: Top 7 Minerals of Human Nutrition

Macro-Minerals: Top 7 Minerals of Human Nutrition

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Minerals are central to human nutrition and are part of uncountable functions in our bodies. There are certain minerals that are found in greater abundance in the body, and these are called macro minerals.

Although we don’t yet have one standard definition of what makes a mineral a “macro mineral”, there are seven minerals that are generally accepted in this category. These are: calcium, chloride, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and sulfur.

When we think of calcium, we tend to think of bones. It is true that calcium is an important structural component of our bones and teeth, but calcium is also involved in processes that go on in our cells: blood clotting, enzyme activation, and it is central to muscle contraction.

Good food sources of calcium are milk and dairy products, sardines, clams, oysters, greens (like turnip and mustard greens), broccoli, beans, and dried fruits.

Chloride is an electrolyte in the fluid outside our cells, along with sodium. Just as a reminder, potassium is the major electrolyte inside our cells. Chloride helps maintain pH balance. It’s involved in enzyme activation and it is a major component of gastric acid.

We get plenty of chloride from salt in our foods. Table salt is sodium chloride, and most of us get a lot of salt from added salt in our meals and in processed foods. There is also plenty of chloride in seafood, milk, meat, and eggs.

Magnesium is a component of our bones and it is involved with the transmission of nerve impulses. It’s a part of protein synthesis and of enzyme activation. Good sources of magnesium are cereal grains (including brown rice and corn), nuts, beans, and peas (including soy beans), parsnips, chocolate, molasses, carrots, and seafood.

Phosphorus is a structural component of bones and teeth and it’s part of cell membranes, nucleic acids, and nucleotides, and it’s involved in ATP, ADP, phosphate transfer, and pH regulation.

Sources of phosphorus are meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk and milk products, nuts, beans and peas, cereal grains, and chocolate.

Potassium is the major electrolyte of the fluid inside our cells. It helps maintain fluid balance and pH balance and it is involved in cell membrane transfer. Good sources of potassium are avocados, bananas, dried fruits like raisins, oranges, peaches, potatoes, dry beans, tomatoes, wheat, bran, dairy products, and eggs.

Sodium as mentioned is the other electrolyte in the fluid outside our cells along with chloride. It’s involved in fluid balance, nerve transmission, and muscle contraction. You don’t need to go looking for sodium in your diet  – you probably get more than enough. It is, of course, in table salt (or sodium chloride) and it is abundant in meat, seafood, cheese, milk, bread, and vegetables. In fact, about the only foods that don’t contain a good amount of sodium are fruits.

Sulfur is involved in some detoxification mechanisms in the body, but its main role is as a structural component of certain amino acids, and as a part of thiamine, biotin, and lipoic acid. Since sulfur is a part of most animal proteins, high-protein foods are a good source of sulfur. These include meats, poultry, fish, eggs, milk and cheese, beans, peas, and nuts are also good sources.

Health Tips Made Easy


If you follow Dr. Oz’s teachings, you know how he is revolutionizing the way we look at health. He keeps us up with various health threats and how we can even fight cancer through nutrition and diet.

Now he is showing us the secrets to longevity. He’s done this study on his show before by going to places where people easily live over 95 years of age, and studying why. Their diets and daily routines were studied along with other factors.

Dr. Oz gives his findings in the reference below. I also included Men’s Health that includes more secrets and information on living to a healthy old age. To be fair, people with bad habits such as smoking, eating wrong foods and leading an inactive lifestyle have reached ripe old ages. Still, the odds are against them!

  • Avoid eating out or fast food. You’ll save money and cut down on unhealthy foods. If you must, though, increase vegetable and fruit portions and decrease the other foods. Sodium and trans fat are high and out of control in restaurant foods and most portions give more than the daily required 1200 calories.
  • Eat no more than 18 ounces of red meat a week. Avoid nitrate loaded deli meats. Eat red meat no more than once a week.
  • Drink a glass of water before a meal.
  • Potassium fights salt, so increase your fruits and vegetables that contain potassium. Decrease your salt intake as much as possible, and be aware of salt content in all packaged foods you buy.
  • Canned salmon contains more omega 3 than canned salmon, if you go that route.
  • Add nuts and seeds to your salad rather than croutons. Use olive oil and balsamic vinegar rather than processed salad dressing that will be more than just one serving-1 tbl. spoon.
  • Start a food journal and write everything you consume as far as both food and drink. Watch for portion size.I’m sure there are a lot more ways that I will discuss in the future. But these should hold you for now. Eventually, I’ll start giving recipes.

A Guide To Men’s Health

images (1)It has always been considered that men are stronger individuals compared to women, strength-wise. It has been accepted by society and women simply nod at this to avoid clash and hitting a nerve attached to their ego. One thing that men should focus on though is their health. Since most men believe they are all strong and mighty, going to a doctor for routine check ups are not something most men want to do. There is no such thing about being too careful because there are a lot of contributing factors these days causing health to deteriorate.

We are not talking about simple health issues such as fever, cough or colds. There are specific ailments that hits men in particular. Most often than not, these affects the male genitalia or something that affects men’s hormones. Health issues that are common to women are cancer but this does not mean men do not have issues as well. The biggest concern with men are their fitness.images
Being overweight is one issue very common these days and men are also affected with it. With unhealthy body, heart issues and high cholesterol is not far away. Keeping your body healthy at all times will aid in the production of testosterone and growth hormones which will help you keep your body strong. Another issue being faced by men are erectile dysfunction.Men having this issue are affected mentally as well as emotionally.

472563-highThis is very important to a man and not being able to get it up will definitely cause negative effect on the person going through this situation. This is actually a health issue and there can be underlying health problems other than the erectile dysfunction. It can be related to depression, physical injury, caused by smoking, diabetes stress or something else but it will only be known if you approach an expert and have yourself checked.

Everything Related to Men’s Fashion

Best-Fall-2016-Men-Wears-Fashion-and-Style-14There was that time when shopping online is a bogus thing but now, everyone seem dependent on this method of buying things. It is not a surprise why because as soon as security was increased, it became easier for people to do what needs to be done. More and more online stores appeared and everything people needs are now available on the world wide web, especially fashion needs. What seems to be a huge question is if the options for men are as wide as what women has? If you look at the choices, you would definitely say that women have more than men but not all men are going online to shop.


If you consider all the needs of a woman, you will probably say that naturally, they have more to find online compared to men. Men’s fashion only consist of pants, shirt, t-shirt, shorts, shoes, watches, hats and slippers and basically that’s it. Women on the other hand needs more! When men shops, whether at a traditional store or online, they already have the precise item in their mind. If they do not, they are there just to find it and then do the purchase.


Project-RawOnline purchase is not really a priority for most men unless they are searching for gadgets and some tools. Most men prefer buying their clothes and shoes in a physical store because they prefer fitting it first and seeing if it looks good on them. It is simply in a man’s behavior to make sure they do not regret their decisions especially when it involves money. Shopping online may cause you to buy smaller shoes or a tight-fitting shirt. Being rational is simply present in a man’s genes. If it is clothes they need, majority of men will definitely choose to pick it themselves rather than online.