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Frugal Alternatives

healthy pizza

Have you given up pizza, or have you found a healthier way of making it? Are you paying for an expensive gym membership, or do you have the things you need to exercise?

A little secret that I have experienced by living healthier than I did, is that to be healthy is to truly experience the spice of life. You may have your routines, but there is always something that you can try differently. I cannot see going back to how it was, with me being overweight and out of shape.

I am guilty of having a gym membership and I use it frequently so I get my money’s worth, but there are times when I slack off. I don’t believe I will renew my membership when it comes time. There is a gym at my new apartment complex. I also have equipment or am planning to buy a few things like kettle weights and a stability ball.

Exercising involves movement, and that is free. If you want to body build you go one direction, if you want to live healthy, get a pedometer and walk 10000 steps a day. Clean your apartment or house. Walk briskly up a steep hill. You might be out of breath at first, but eventually it becomes a breeze. Wear ankle weights. Try these basics. Start slow and work up.

My healthy pizza starts with a Whole Wheat shell, I buy those ready made ones in the grocery stores. First topping is a basil type pesto. Next the tomato slices and broccoli-these are cancer fighters. After that I have different ingredients I add from time to time: black olives, onions, red peppers, jalapenos, squash, mushrooms, spinach, goat cheese, garlic, etc., you get the idea.

Another good one is to take a chicken breast. Cut the breast in strips. I like to add my spices such as curry-an Alzheimer’s fighter, black pepper, lemon, cayanne pepper, etc. Bake the strips at 350° for 20 minutes-you have to continue cooking it on the pizza, so allow enough cooking time to cook the chicken thoroughly.

On your pizza shell coat it with barbecue sauce and then add the chicken first then all the toppings you want.

Cook the pizza at 350° for about 20 minutes. You really don’t have to give up what you like, just find a healthier alternatives.

Instead of a baked potato, I have a baked sweet potato. Instead of potato chips, I make my own kale chips.

The two spices you should cut and avoid as much as possible are sugar and salt. The sweet and the sour, ironically! Unfortunately, these two exist in almost all of the foods we eat or drink. Finding alternatives to these two, can give you amazing weight loss results. Not to mention a healthier life.

Another tip is to take supplements for men. Look up good supplement review sites like this one where you’ll be able to learn a lot about these products (one of my favorite being the CrazyStack line).

This blog is evolving as I try to put my own health information into it. I am debating if I should give product names or see if you can find the alternatives. Example: if you buy canned squid in its own ink, and use a 90 second rice in a bag, and combine the two you have a black rice that can fight cancer.

Stay tuned in good health