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5 Simple Ways to Cut 100 Calories From Your Meals

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There are many changes you can make to shave off those extra pounds. From fad diets, to the latest fitness trend, to weight loss supplements like Instant Knockout fat burner.

But in today’s article I’ll be sharing five simple ways to cut 100 calories from the meals you’re eating. Although I truly believe in focusing on eating high-quality, real food, if your goal is fat loss it’s important that you also focus on being in a smart calorie deficit.

Now when I say smart, this doesn’t mean that you should be starving yourself or going on crash diets. I’m referring to making better food decisions that will give you the nutrition you need to be healthy while still putting you in a slight calorie deficit.

It all starts by making small – but smart – choices. So let’s get started with number one!

1. Add More Vegetables, Hold the Cheese, Hold the Starches

When prepared with spices and natural low-calorie condiments (like salsa and Dijon mustard), vegetables are not only delicious, they’re filled with fiber to keep you feeling full – without the added calories. So the next time you cook, keep that in mind.

When you’re making an omelette, rather than stuffing it with cheese or other high-calorie ingredients, try stuffing it with steamed or grilled vegetables instead.

And the next time you’re making a stir-fry, fill out your plate sauteed, spiced up vegetables – not rice or pasta. And if you’re not sure what spices to use, by a premix spice and add it to everything.

2. Wrap it With Greens, Not Wheat

The next time you’re making a turkey sandwich, ditch the whole wheat wrap and grab a nutrient-rich, low-calorie piece of crispy romaine lettuce. And rather than adding high calorie mayonnaise, give your wrap a quick squirt of sriracha mustard.

3. Clean Up Your Dips

The next time you’re watching a movie on the couch, try dipping your snack in a flavorful and low-calorie salsa, not a typical high-calorie creamy dip. This way you can still enjoy the treat of eating the cracker or the chip, but you’re saving a lot of calories by swapping out the high calorie dip.

Or, you can reverse it, which leads me to number four.

4. Swap Out Your Crackers For Crunchy Veggies

So if you really enjoy creamy dips like guacamole, swap out the crackers for a crunchy veggie, like celery, bell peppers, or carrots. This way you can still have the healthy guacamole, but you’re saving a lot of calories by eating vegetables instead of crackers.

5. Use a Food Scale For Portion Control

So most people have no idea about portion sizes. When I first started taking control of my health, weighing my food was a game-changer.

It takes the guessing away and gives you the incredible insight and education on how much food you’re actually feeding your body. Most times, especially when it comes to carbohydrates, you’re consuming a lot more than you think, so this is where food scale helps.

Now, I’m not saying that you have to measure your food for the rest of your life, but take at least the next seven days and commit to weighing out your food. After seven days you should have a decent grasp on food portion sizes.

And if you’re looking for a good food scale, I got mine for my friends at Vanity Planet. It’s a really modern design so you can leave it on your counter top and it actually looks cool. It also measures in pounds, ounces, grams, and milliliters.

Simply click the power button, press the unit button to select a measuring size, then put the food on the scale. Done.


It’s small but consistent changes like this that will help you reach your fat loss goals in an easy and healthier way. No drastic calorie starvation diets – consistent small wins, that’s the key for a life of living.